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Chef Tata, Esther Sham, was born in Hong Kong to a traditional Shanghainese family. When she was little, her whole family migrated to Los Angeles, USA, where she grew up & received her college degree from University of California majoring in contemporary arts. After graduation, she backpacked around Europe and shortly after returning to LA, she was determined to rediscover her roots, so she decided to move back to HK.

Esther started her career in modeling, which was her childhood dream, but cooking has always been her passion. During her 3 years in modeling, she had many chances to travel & to dine at many of the world’s greatest eateries. Eventually her love for food & interest in cooking has elevated to the level of obsession. She would always explore & experiment cooking different dishes at her home & her ultimate wish was to share her passion with others. She finally opened the little & yet renowned private kitchen, Ta Pantry on Star St., Wanchai in 2008.

Esther first gained experience at the 3-star Michelin restaurant, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. Soon after she opened her own little private kitchen, Ta Pantry, and she has also apprenticed at the 2-star Michelin restaurant, Amber of Landmark Mandarin with chef Richard Ekkebus. In the summer of 2011, with the heart of striving for further learning & perfection, Esther has closed Ta Pantry for 3 months to work train in two restaurants in France: the 2-star Michelin restaurant, Relais Louis XIII with chef Manuel Martinez in Paris & the 2-star Michelin restaurant, Le Jardin des Sens with the Pourcels brothers in Montpellier.

All dishes at Ta Pantry are creations of Chef Tata, each of them have great sentimental value to her and relate extensively to her childhood & life experiences. Join us on Facebook


With new menu additions occurring on a regular basis, Chef Tata offers extraordinary cuisine for any foodie’s palette.  Her multi-course food experiences are sought after by food connoisseurs around the globe.

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Our ever-changing menus has much to offer many taste palettes.

"My mission is less about impressing people with my cooking, but more about touching people's hearts with it."

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